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Top 10 LG G7 Cases!

The LG G7 is one of the latest flagships released in 2018 and it's got a lot of things going for it — the display looks fantastic, the sound is ridiculously good, the cameras are impressive, and the whole thing is packaged in a slick all-glass body.
To avoid the heartbreak of cracked glass on your brand new phone, you should absolutely consider a case when you're pre-ordering your new phone. To help, we've rounded up the best cases available for the LG G7.

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case - Price: $20

Starting with one of the most popular heavy-duty case options for practically any phone on the market, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case is a great option to consider.
Featuring a dual-layer design that combines a rigid polycarbonate shell with a flexible bumper, the refined design here will keep your phone well protected from the nastiest of drops. It also features a built-in screen protector to protect against scratches, and the precise cutouts and buttons mean the functionality of the phone will never be impeded.
You can get this case in all-black for just $20, or opt for a more colorful style for $22 on Amazon.

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2. Ringke Air thin Case - Price: $10

For those of us who demand our cases be thin and let the phone design peek through, there's this slim case option from Ringke.
The Ringke Air is lightweight and transparent and made of flexible TPU so it's easy to install. A case like this is going to protect against drops and scratches on the back glass, while also providing a buffer for the camera and fingerprint scanner on the back.
It's available as a clear case or tinted with Smoke Black or Orchid Purple for just $10 on Amazon.

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3. Ringke Fusion-X rugged Case - Price: $12

Ringe offers a ton of case styles for a crazy number of phones, and there are three other styles available from Ringke for the LG G7. But we'll focus on the Fusion-X for combining the views of a clear case with a reinforced bumper for rugged protection.
You'll appreciate the added grip that this case provides and the clean design that lets you show off the G7 (ThinQ) branding on the back. Available with a black, gray, or lilac purple bumper, you can get this case for $13.

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4. Spigen Rugged Armor Case - Price: $8

Spigen's Rugged Armor case is about as good as it gets for a single-layer case. It adds barely any bulk to the phone itself while improving the in-hand comfort with a matte finish featuring carbon fiber accents at the top and bottom.
Thin enough to allow wireless charging yet rugged enough to protect against nasty drops, this case is a minimalist workhorse that looks great in all black. Get it for just $13 for your LG G7.

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5. Spigen Liquid Crystal Case - Price: $12

Another classic design from Spigen, the Liquid Crystal case is perfect if you want that 'naked' look for the LG G7 but also don't want to unnecessarily risk your phone taking damage.
You may ask what could really differentiate between clear cases, and the answer from Spigen would be its Air Cushion technology. Each corner is designed with a little pocket of air that creates a gap between the phone and the ground for added protection. Made of a single piece of crystal clear TPU, this case is a great minimalist option that won't disappoint. Get it for just $12 on Amazon.

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6. VRS Design Single Fit Case - Price: $8

If you're looking for something that offers great protection with a flashy design, you've got to check out VRS Design's cases. To start, we'll suggest this wavy case that offers a really cool design for a one-piece TPU case.
The back is designed to be extra grippy and rugged with a matte black finish on the waved texture. The VRS branding is also pretty well implemented — It's just got a sleek and cool look to it that will accentuate the design of your phone. Get this case for just $13 on Amazon.

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7. Obliq Flex Pro Protective Case - Price: $20

Obliq might be a name that most people don’t recognize, but the company from Southern California has been putting out stellar smartphone cases for the past few years. The Flex Pro is made from flexible TPU — hence the name — and brings a good balance of protection and style. The case is divided into two parts, with a brushed metal texture on the top joined by a carbon fiber look on the bottom. It’s a good combination, and we dig the style. It’s not all style and no substance either — a raised lip around the case edges stops your phone from resting on surfaces, and the shock-absorbing TPU provides military-grade protection against threats. It’s slim, rugged, stylish, and a great addition to your LG G7 ThinQ.

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8. Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case - Price: $22

If adding utility is the name of your case game, then look no further than the Olixar X-Ranger. It’s a pretty decent little protective case that uses multiple layers of PC and TPU to help absorb shocks and prevent hazards from getting through to your phone, complete with a raised bezel to elevate your phone from surfaces. The really awesome part of this case lies below the surface though — flip up the built-in horizontal kickstand and you will also find a credit card-sized multitool that comes equipped with up to 26 different uses. It’s somewhat plain in style, with a brushed metal look over the back panel, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in substance.

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9. Poetic Karbon Shield Case - Price: $10

Poetic’s Karbon case combines an awesome looking carbon fiber backplate with an air-cushioned bumper frame to make for a case that keeps your phone safe and looking good.
The case is slim enough to be pocket friendly but still shock resistant where it needs to be. Its raised edges protect the front screen and rear dual camera from face-down drops.

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10. i-Blason Ares Case - Price: $20

The Ares case from i-Blason is named for the Greek God of War. This is only appropriate considering that this case is equipped to go to war with the floor.
Its air-cushioned TPU corners protect from drops, and are reinforced by scratch-resistant PC backing. The backplate is clear, adding a nice viewing window that shows off the LG G7’s naked beauty.
This case also has a built-in screen protector to defend against scratches and cracks on your screen.

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