Thursday, May 31, 2018

Top 6 OnePlus 6 Cases!

The newly launched OnePlus 6 is not only one of the best smartphones you can buy, it’s also one of the best looking phones on the market. It’s got a slick design, with a glass back and a 6.28-inch display with very little bezel space. It makes sense to protect this phone from harm, so we decided to find the best OnePlus 6 cases you can currently buy.

1. KuGi Premium TPU Case - Price: $9

The first selection in our best OnePlus 6 case list is from KuGi. It has a slim and stylish design, with a faux leather look that really stands out. The case is made of silicone and, while not the most rugged, it should provide some protection from mishaps the phone might encounter. This KuGi case comes in navy blue for $8.95, or you get the basic black OnePlus 6 case for just $4.95 on Amazon.

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2. Wellci Clear Hybrid Case - Price: $9

This OnePlus 6 case is designed to give lots of protection. Made by Wellci, the case includes a hard acrylic cover, but still has a lot of clear material so you can still see the back of the phone. It offers raised portions on the front to keep the screen safe from hard when placed on a table, and raised edges on the back to do the same for the rear cameras and fingerprint sensor. Yet this case can still handle falls and drops to keep the OnePlus 6 proected. The Wellci case comes in black, grey, and red, on sale now for $8.99 at Amazon.

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3. TopACE Hard Ultra Thin Case - Price: $7

These OnePlus 6 cases are mainly for looks, rather total protection. This slim snap-on case from TopACE comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and gold. All of them pop thanks to the use of dustless matte UV painting technology, which gives them a very fashionable look. The case itself should also not break off too easily. You can snap up these TopACE OnePlus 6 cases now in any color selection for $8.99 each on Amazon.

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4. Ringke Clear FUSION Case - Price: $11

While some OnePlus 6 case owners may want to cover up their phone, others may want to show off the glass back. If that’s you, check out this case from Ringke. It has a clear design, but still has a polycarbonate outer shell and inner TPU material so the phone can survive falls and drops to the floor. It also contains enhanced anti-scratch and dual coating features so the case will continue to show off the phone. You can get the Ringke clear OnePlus 6 case for $9.99 on Amazon, or you can get the smoke black version, which still lets you see much of the phone’s back, for $10.99.

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5. TUDIA ARCH S Case - Price: $8

This case comes from TUDIA, which has created a rugged design with a polyurethane TPU shell. It should offer a lot of protection while still remaining pretty slim. It also has raised edged on the back for the OnePlus 6’s twin camera and fingerprint sensor, which should prevent them from getting scratched up when the phone’s back is placed on a table or other surface. You can get the TUDIA OnePlus 6 case in black, grey, navy blue, and even in a frosted clear version, for just $7.90 on Amazon.

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6. Dretal Carbon Fiber TPU Case - Price: $5

While we wait for Spigen to make a case for the OnePlus 6, keep your phone protected with this affordable solution from Dretal. They're a popular case manufacturer that makes cases for almost every smartphone that gets released.
Dretal is using the popular Spigen Rugged Armor design here. Meaning this case is all TPU, with glossy accents and faux carbon fiber styling at the top and bottom. The case is thin, lightweight, and easy to install. All while covering your device in TPU that absorbs impacts and keeps the screen and cameras safe.
We like how Dretal finishes the design with a faux brushed metal look, and a matte finish to resist fingerprints. It's a cheap, affordable, yet durable case.

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7. TopACE Clear Gel Case - Price: $8

The OnePlus 6 is by far the most stylish phone this company has ever released. With a beautiful big screen, rounded edges, and a glass back. Whether you got the Midnight Black, matte black, or the limited edition white and rose gold, you'll want to show it off.
Keep your phone safe and show off the stylish good looks with a completely clear GEL TPU case from TopACE. This is another brand we've used for years. This case uses a blend of TPU with a reinforced gel to protect the phone. It's thin, lightweight, cheap, and easy to install. Fold it on the phone and you're all set.
TopACE uses a matte finish so it won't' show fingerprints and a dot matrix design giving it just enough texture for a good grip.

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8. Poetic Guardian Case - Price: $19

Poetic’s Guardian case offers 360° of military grade drop protection to keep your phone safe from all angles.
This case is comprised of a front and back piece, which link together to provide extra protection to your phone’s vulnerable edges.
The edges are reinforced with a TPU lining that absorbs shock, while the PC outer shell resists scratches and scuffs.
This case also includes a tempered glass screen protector, for the off-chance that its raised bezel fails to protect your phone from a screen-first impact.

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