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Top 15 Galaxy S9+ Cases!

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ pre-sales are about to get underway pretty soon. If you already have your heart set on buying one you’ll be happy to know that you can already start shopping for cases for it. We’ve gone and picked out some of the best cases you can buy for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ right now, and the best part is that they’ll all hit your doorstep before you even get your device. That ensures you won’t have to go naked for longer than it takes you to snatch the phone out of the box and turn it on. Here’s a look at 15 Samsung Galaxy S9+ cases you can buy right now.

1. Spigen Liquid Armor Case - Price: $14

Our first recommendation is usually a Spigen case, as they have some of the best options available in a slew of different styles. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is my personal favorite. It's a TPU case which means it's lightweight, flexible, yet very durable at the same time. TPU is like silicone and flexible plastic combined, and what almost every case maker uses these days. Then, Spigen adds multiple layers of TPU for added durability without making the case too bulky. It's a light but durable flexible case with a Geometric Pattern with an anti-slip matte finish. Basically, this case isn't too thin, not too thick, comfortable and easy to use, and just an all-around great choice.

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2. UAG Pathfinder Case - Price: $40

Urban Armor Gear, known as UAG, makes some of the best cases around. They offer tons of protection in a featherlight flexible TPU frame. These aren't just any average TPU case either. They add multiple layers to the sides, back, and corners to keep all of those important areas safe. Basically, UAG cases have added drop protection with big strong corners, raised edges that keep the screen and cameras safe, and they're lightweight. Some won't like the industrial "faux" screws on the back, but it's a neat look. Each case has a nice anti-slip texture too, so you'll never drop this slippery phone. Get it today in multiple different colors, or choose from any of UAG's other cases.

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3. Griffin Survivor Clear Case - Price: $20

Another excellent case manufacturer that's been around for years is Griffin. They're one of the #1 smartphone case makers, who got popular from their early iPhone protection. However, Griffin still makes great cases for every big phone, including the Galaxy S9. The Griffin Survivor Clear is their most popular case, the Survivor line, but with a completely clear finish. This way you'll get total protection without covering up the premium design of your new Galaxy phone. They claim these cases meet military-grade specs and will survive a drop from around 4ft, which is pretty decent. Get the Griffin in clear or a wide array of different colors.

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4. Spigen Rugged Armor Case - Price: $14

If you're looking for a great overall case that's thin, durable, and affordable, this is it. The Spigen Rugged Armor is by far the most popular TPU case on the market. So much, in fact, that multiple other companies copy the design. This is the original. The Spigen Rugged Armor has a thin profile and is all TPU. They've added a few extra layers on the corners for additional drop protection, glossy accents on the sides, and a nice carbon fiber finish to the top and bottom. Every Spigen case is cut to perfection, has easy to press buttons, and are typically some of the best Galaxy cases on the market.

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5. Incipio DualPro Case - Price: $30

Next, we'll recommend the Incipio DualPro for the Galaxy S9+. This is one of the first cases with a true "Dual Layer" design, and it's still one of the best on the market. Incipio uses a durable co-molded TPU frame on the inside of this case to hug your phone. TPU is shock and impact-resistant and absorbs the force from drops really well too. However, to make it even better, they then add a hard polycarbonate frame to the outside of the TPU case. Giving you extra protection, more durability, and hardly any bulk. This is a great case for someone wanting a little more protection than a typical cheap case. It's military-spec approved for 8-10ft drops.

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6. VRS Design Crystal Thin-Fit - Price: $14

Do you want a thin and durable case for the Galaxy S9+ that won't cover up the fancy Coral Blue or Lilac Purple color you purchased? If so, consider this VRS design case. This case uses a durable and flexible TPU material on the inside to keep your phone safe and absorb impacts from drops or damage. It's completely clear, which many love. However, they've added a thin polycarbonate hard-shell plastic bumper around the entire outer edge of the phone. This way you get just a little more durability and protection from drops. VRS color-matched that plastic hybrid bumper to match the Galaxy S9 color options. Get this clear case with Black, Blue, or Purple bumpers.

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7. Olixar Ring (Finger Loop) Case - $15

An extremely popular trend lately is "loops" or rings on cases. You've probably seen a few friends or family members with these types of cases. They have a little pop-up round thing that goes between their fingers to make it easier to hold and use a phone with one hand. Loopy cases are a popular option. However, we found something just like those $50 cases, but it's only $14.99. The Olixar Ring Case is your typical case that offers plenty of protection in a nice TPU and polycarbonate frame. There's a metal ring on the back though, which folds shut and is completely out of your way. Fold the ring open and put your finger through it, and you'll get a better grip for using your phone with one-hand. They're also fun to just play and fidget with. Additionally, you can fold it out and the ring doubles as a kickstand for hands-free movies. It's a good little case.

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8. Spigen Tough Armor Case - Price: $19

We're recommending a few different Spigen cases in this roundup, and that's because they make truly great cases. The Spigen Tough Armor is one of the most durable cases they make. It's a traditional dual layer design, meaning it's using both TPU and plastic. Your phone is safely inside a soft and flexible TPU material. Then, Spigen adds a hard-shell polycarbonate frame to some of the more fragile areas of the phone and case for ultimate protection. Then, there's a fold-out kickstand for hands-free viewing. This is your typical kickstand case, and it's a style they've used for years. The best part though is the kickstand snaps off. That way if something happens or you have an accident it snaps off and doesn't break, unlike others on the market. So get this case and enjoy your Galaxy S9+ to the fullest.

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9. Caseology Parallax Case - Price: $17

Caseology’s stylish Parallax case endows your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus with a grippy geometric texture that stops drops before they even happen. But even when misfortune strikes, the Parallax has you covered with an air-cushioned protective frame that focuses its shock absorption to where it really matters: the corners. The case has a nice bezel to catch face-down drops, and it contours in a way that protects the recessed edges of your phone’s Infinity Display.

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10. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case - Price: $18

Spigen has earned a reputation for being one of the most trusted brands of phone cases around. And they’ve done so simply by making solid cases. Their Neo Hybrid is one of the most popular hybrid case designs around. It represents a nearly ideal balance of protection and slimness. This two-piece design has a rubbery sleeve underneath to protect from scratches and bumps. It is reinforced by a rigid bumper frame that is military grade drop tested to withstand shock. This design is fairly standard for most smartphone cases, but only Spigen manages to pack this much protection into such a sleek package.

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11. OtterBox Defender Series Case - Price: $60

OtterBox is the premiere brand for protective cases. Despite their no-frills look, their Defender cases remain a consistent pick for all sorts of adventurers. This mid-range OtterBox does not have their signature screen protector, but a generous bezel ensures that you won’t need it for day to day use. The case has pliable rubber port covers to keep dust and debris out, and to further bolster the phone’s water resistant capabilities. This case comes with a removable belt-clip holster, which can double as a kickstand for media viewing.

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12. Incipio Octane Case - Price: $25

If the OtterBox is a little out of your budget, Incipio’s durable hard shell cases offer about the same protection for half the price. Their Octane case has a textured bumper frame to improve grip and protect from drops. The back is equally well protected thanks to a rigid PC shell. The bezel on this case feels just right, and its no-nonsense design doesn’t busy up the sleek look of the S9.

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13. Ringke Fusion Transparent Case - Price: $11

Transparent cases are the best way to show off the naked beauty of your S9 or S9 Plus. And though all clear cases look the same in theory, they are not all created equal. When you consider factors like durability and form factor, Ringke’s Fusion case stands out as a clear winner (pun intended). The Fusion is made from dual layer PC and TPU, to offer scratch resistance on top of certified military grade drop protection. But more importantly, it is designed to offer maximum protection for minimal bulk. Its bezel is just thick enough to prevent the screen from soaking up face-down drops. It contours with the rounded edges of the phone’s Infinity Display. This case also provides easy access to all vital ports and buttons. The pictured wrist strap is a little tacky unless you really need it. Thankfully, it is easy to remove.

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14. i-Blason Ares Bumper Case - Price: $20

i-Blason’s Ares case might not look different from other semi-transparent bumper cases, but it offers a much-appreciated feature that has gone to the wayside for phone case manufacturers. This bump case offers 360° scratch protection thanks to its integrated screen protector. The screen remains fully touch sensitive while resting safely under a layer of PC material. This same material protects the clear back of the case from scratches, while offering a buffer to protect your rear camera from drops. The edges of this case are made with shock-absorbing TPU, which further protects your phone from harm. Combine this with responsive button covers and accurate port cutouts and you have a major winner for serial screen smashers.

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15. X-Doria Iridescent Defense Case - Price: $30

X-Doria’s Iridescent Defense Case offers the rugged protection of a defender case in a sleek and inobtrusive package to meet any need. Those who seek protection from drops and scratches will appreciate the military grade drop protection offered by this X-Doria case. Those who seek an attractive low profile case get that as well. This case doesn’t completely override the look of your phone thanks to a clear back plate. The phone’s buttons and ports are easily accessible despite the tough aluminum bumper frame. These features make the Iridescent a great pick for a hybrid protective case.

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