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Top 15 Galaxy S9 Cases!

Samsung’s gorgeous new Galaxy S9 retains the curved beauty of last year’s S8, but adds a new main camera with a dual aperture that promises to deliver great low-light photography. The design is refined, with a much better fingerprint sensor placement on the back, and it’s IP68 rated, like its predecessor, but this is still going to be a fragile phone. The good news is that we’ve got a delectable lineup of stylish and protective options. Behold the best Galaxy S9 cases so far.

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case - Price: $16.99

Our first recommendation is the Spigen Neo hybrid for the Galaxy S9. Spigen is one of the most popular smartphone accessory manufacturers, and they have some of the best cases on the market. The Spigen Neo Hybrid case offers a premium dual-layer design. The entire case is made from a durable and impact-resistant flexible TPU material for drop-protection. They've added a new textured pattern on the back too, for improved grip. What makes these cases special though, is the reinforced hard pumper polycarbonate plastic frame that goes around the outer edge of the Galaxy S9. Which, by the way, is where most damage starts from drops. The bumper frame has a faux brushed metal design for added styling too. It comes in black, with 5 different accent colors.

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2. Incipio DualPro Case - Price: $30

Next up is the original "dual layer" case for smartphones. Incipio is a company that's made great cases since the original iPhone, and they have some excellent cases for Samsung's new Galaxy S9. The Incipio DualPro uses a blended material that's a flexible silicone and TPU inner core, then covers the outside with a hard Plextonium (polycarbonate) shell. Blending the impact-resistant soft frame with a hard shell gives you absolute protection against pumps, drops, and damage. Each Incipio case is military-grade certified for 10-ft drops. This is one of the more durable cases without adding a ton of unnecessary bulk to your shiny new Galaxy S9. Get it in one of 6 colors, including Lilac Purple or Blue.

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3. Speck Presidio Grip Case - Price: $40

Another highly reputable company that we know, use, and trust is Speck. They make some of the most durable cases on the market. Ones that aren't bulky or ridiculous. 
The Speck Presidio Grip is the most popular one because it has an excellent design that's protected by patents. Speck uses a hard polycarbonate frame to completely protect your phone from life's daily hazards. However, that hard plastic frame has small cutouts and lines around the sides and back of the phone. Then, they add a soft, flexible TPU and silicone layer to the inside of the case. That soft material squeezes through the cuts on the case. Basically, it's a hard case that feels soft in your hand, won't slide off a table, and has tons of impact resistance. All those cuts and lines disperse forces from any drops. This is another military-grade case certified for 10ft drops, from a company trusted by millions. Get it now in multiple different colors.

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4. VRS Design Slim Armor Case - Price: $11

If you're looking for something sleek, thin, affordable and unassuming, consider the VRS Design Slim Armor. This case is a single layer of durable TPU material with multiple different finishes for a unique look. VRS design added a smooth finish to the case, glossy edges for a premium look, then a soft brushed finish texture to the back part of the case. That way you're protected, the case looks fancy, and it's thin at the same time. 
TPU cases are some of my favorites. This case has oversized buttons for ease of use, and a small lip that wraps around the front of the screen to keep it safe. You can lay the Galaxy S9 flat on a table and the screen will never touch. Then, the angled cutout for the fingerprint scanner and camera will ensure you touch the right area. It's a great overall case at a wallet-friendly price.

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5. Spigen Thin-Fit Case - Price: $12

Spigen makes cases in just about every size, shape, material, and more for buyers. Basically, they'll have something you'll want. The Spigen Thin-Fit is a new case style designed to cater to those who want some protection but hate using a case. If you don't want to add any bulk to your phone, this is a good choice. They're using a very thin, slightly flexible, but strong polycarbonate plastic. This is perfect for the minimalist, but keep in mind that others will offer more protection. The buttons are just cutouts, not covered, so the edges aren't all that safe. It's a thin case for someone that just wants a tiny peace of mind.

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6. BassTop Gloss Case - Price: $10

BASSTOP has a new case for the Galaxy S9 series that's pretty impressive looking. They're using your traditional flexible TPU material, but then added a shiny, glossy Acrylic anti-scratch layer on the back of the phone. It's basically a dual-layer case with TPU and polycarbonate, but instead, they're using a scratch and fingerprint resistant Acrylic finish. It's a unique look we haven't seen before, and one that should still keep your phone relatively safe.

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7. Caseology Vault Slim Case - Price: $13

Next, we're recommending the Caseology as a great overall case for your Galaxy S9. This is another popular brand with a lot of options, and the Vault is one of my favorites. 
The Caseology Vault uses a single piece of TPU material for complete durability. However, they've added a fake brushed metal finish on the back for a more premium and stylish design. Then, they've adopted a popular new trend by adding a textured, grip-like finish to the top and sides. This makes the phone easier to hold, and less slippery. You'll enjoy raised edges around the camera and screen, along with reinforced dual-layer TPU corners to keep the entire phone safe.

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8. Incipio Carnaby Esquire Case - Price $35

One of my favorite cases from the last two years is the Incipio Carnaby Series. It's similar to Samsung's new HyperKnit case because they're using a real cotton fabric finish. 
This case uses a rigid and durable polycarbonate plastic inner shell and skeleton for total durability. Then, Incipio added a Blue, Green, or Gray real cotton fabric to the outside of the case. As a result, it looks and feels a little bit like your favorite pair of denim jeans. Seriously, but in a good way. It's really unique, comfortable, and durable. You'll love it.

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9. Spigen Thin-Fit 360 Case - Price: $18

After looking through dozens of cases available, we keep coming back to Spigen. They have the quality that we know and trust. The all-new Spigen Thin-Fit 360 is a complete protection package for your Galaxy S9. As in, it protects the entire device and the screen. You'll get a durable 3-piece case and a built-in tempered glass screen protector for one price. Spigen's latest case is pretty unique. You lay the screen protector in place, get rid of some bubbles, then put the back on, and slide the top and bottom pieces together. It snaps shut and gives you 360 degrees protection in a sleek package. We've never seen a case like this from Spigen, so stay tuned for a full review in the near future. Either way, get one at the end of March if you're interested. 

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10. Fly Hawk Leather Wallet Case - Price: $15

Another premium case for the Galaxy S9 is this FlyHawk leather wallet cover. You'll get a premium cover case with one of six beautiful leather finishes. Keep in mind that they're using PU leather here, not real leather, but that makes it more durable and it won't have a typical leather smell. That said, this case offers a thin design and can carry 2-3 credit or debit cards. Or a CC and your driver's license. It's up to you. Keep in mind that this doesn't offer a ton of protection, but you'll get a little peace of mind and added features at the same time. 

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11. Spigen Rugged Armor Case - Price: $13

Last but not least, for now, is the Spigen Rugged Armor. This is actually Spigen's number one selling case, and for a good reason. It's thin, durable, minimal, stylish and doesn't cost very much money. The Spigen Rugged Armor is a lightweight and thin case made out of pure 100% TPU. They use the finest material that won't discolor over time, it's flexible and easy to install, and they've reinforced the corners for added drop protection. This case has impact-absorbing dual layer sides, glossy accent corners, and faux carbon fiber styling at the top and bottom. It's a case design you've probably seen a few times, as most cheaper brands copy it. Don't worry though, this is the original, right from Spigen, for your Galaxy S9.

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12. I-BLASON Ares Rugged Case - Price: $22

The Ares case from i-Blason is one of its most popular available for previous generation devices and now for both the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus. The case features 360 degree protection with a full one piece body design that includes a PET integrated curved screen protector built-in while still remaining slim. This case (pictured below) sports a clear, scratch-proof back plate so you can continue to show off your S9’s design without compromising on protection. It also includes a heavy duty wraparound TPU bumper for maximum shock and drop protection. The case is available in multiple color options for both the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus now.

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13. Griffin Survivor Clear Case - Price: $20

When you buy a gorgeous phone like the Galaxy S9, you don’t want to conceal it, but you do need protection. Aclear case can be a great compromise. This Griffin case is affordable, transparent, and offers solid drop protection from 4 feet, even on to concrete. Military drop-test standards can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but Griffin is a name you can trust. This case has extra reinforcement around the frame to absorb impact shock.

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14. UAG Monarch Series Case - Price: $30

The Monarch range, available in crimson and black colour finishes, has a lightweight build with five layers of protection. It combines leather and metal materials and features oversized buttons and complete protective surround to keep the corners free from scratches. 

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15. Ringke WAVE Heavy Duty Case - Price: $14

This case is pretty simple when it comes to its feature; which include full body coverage, anti scratch, it being shockproof, etc. But, what actually caught our eye was the stunning contour and color combinations of this case. The case is certainly very aesthetically pleasing and will look great in mirror selfies taken with the Galaxy S9+. You can get it in five gorgeous color variants- Coastal Blue, Marina Gold, Metallic Chrome, Metallic Purple, and Rose Blush.

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