Saturday, November 25, 2017

Top 5 OnePlus 5T Screen Protectors (3D Curved Tempered Glass & Film)!

As the screen is the core part of a smartphone, even a minor scratch seems to be unbearable. When you own an expensive phone like OnePlus 5T, protecting its screen from all the damages becomes inevitable. So, here we have some of the best OnePlus 5T screen protectors that would safeguard your phone. This list of OnePlus 5T tempered glass screen protectors varies in their thickness and properties. Some are built from the tempered glass while others feature a normal build. Whichever is the case, they all safeguard your screen from unwanted scratches, scuffs, cuts, and other unexpected damages. Have a look at the OnePlus 5T screen protectors listed here and select the one for your phone.

1. IQShield Matte Film Screen Protector - Price: $8

IQShield is one of the most trusted names in the screen protector department. IQShield offers Anti-Glare screen protector for the OnePlus 5T. It has a unique outer coating prevents dust, grime, and fingerprints from appearing on the surface of the screen. Also, a thin and durable military-grade film is used to manufacture IQ Shield Matte protectors, which provides protection against scratches, scrapes, and dents.

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2. KuGi Glass Screen Protector - Price: $5

The screen guard for OnePlus 5T from KuGi is made from the topmost quality of tempered glass. It offers an amazing look and feel to your smartphone. Its bubble-free and frustration-free installation let the film contoured to your device’s screen. With 9H hardness and 99.9% transparency, this screen guard is one of the strongest and toughest of its kind in the world. The oleophobic coating over the guard prevents fingerprint and oil smudges from the screen.

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3. TopACE TPU-Film Screen Protector - Price: $9

When it comes to cases and screen protectors, nobody does it better than TopACE. The flexible TPU and PET material allow the edge to edge coverage even on curved devices without adding any bulk. It is precisely cut for a perfect fit. Its high definition transparency film with 95% HD Clarity provides total clarity and maximum resolution. Also, TopACE also offers the screen protectors in a pack of 2, so that’s another plus point.

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4. Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Price: $8

The 99% HD clarity of this screen guard prevents your phone’s screen getting scratched from keys or other sharp objects like a pen. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings over the guard prevent your screen from sweat, fingerprint, and oil residues. Its 2.5D rounded edges maintain the original touch experience and let you operate your phone smoothly. This guard from Orzero comes with a dust remover, screen wipe, and lint-free dry cloth.

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5. Vigeer Tempered Screen Protector - Price: $9

Vigeer’s OnePlus 5T screen protectors are specially designed that provide maximum protection for the flat portion using laser microdissection. The 9H Hardness scratch-resistant tempered glass screen protector can effectively protect your OnePlus 5T from unwanted scuffs and scratches by keys and other hard substances. It comes with bubble-free adhesives for easy installation with magnetic adsorption function. Also, there is no residue when the protector is removed, so you can use it repeatedly.

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6. Vigeer HD Clear Screen Protector - Price: $8

Coming in a pack of 2, Vigeer’s OnePlus 5T screen protector has 99% HD clarity with a high responsive touching performance which makes your Oneplus 5T function smoothly and work faster. Also, the screen protector is very easy to install. It comes with bubble-free adhesives for easy installation with magnetic adsorption function. In the package, you also get a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and alcohol package for easy installation as well as removal.

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