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Top 5 OnePlus 5T Cases!

The OnePlus 5T proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a smartphone with flagship specifications, top-of-the-line performance, and a minimal bezel display. But just because it’s a bit cheaper than an iPhone X doesn’t mean you have money to throw around on repairs, and it certainly doesn’t mean you want to see your phone get all bashed up. A protective case can solve a lot of these issues by putting a layer of soft TPU or hard polycarbonate between your phone and the stresses of everyday life. Here are some of the best OnePlus 5T cases currently available so you can keep your phone safe.

1. TopAce Flexible Shock Case - Price: $9

One of the softer options in protective cases, this case from TopAce is made of our old friend, TPU. Thanks to the flexible material and the inner spiderweb pattern that transfers energy away from the device, this case should be great at absorbing impact. The leather-like pattern on the back also helps you to maintain your grip on the phone, while also adding a unique style to your device. It’s thin and light, and the raised edges around the camera and screen help to keep those vulnerable areas away from surfaces, and away from dirt and grit that might damage them. A great protective option.

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2. Avidet Shock Absorbing Hard Cover - Price: $8

If you want something a little more hard-wearing, then this case from Avidet might be what you’re looking for. It’s made of tough polycarbonate (PC), making it rigid, and easily able to take the stresses of scratches and dings that would otherwise impact your phone. PC is also a light material, so you won’t be adding much bulk to your slim OnePlus 5T by putting this case on it. The pattern on the back of the case helps to aid grip, so you shouldn’t have any issue keeping a hold of your phone at all times.

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3. TopAce Ultra Thin Gel Case - Price: $9

If you’re a no-nonsense sort of person who doesn’t like the idea of a bulky case getting between you and your phone, then a clear gel case might be your kind of protection. This ultra-thin case from TopAce is made of flexible TPU and provides some protection against minor bumps and scrapes. The soft material also adds grip, so your phone will hopefully spend less time in mid-air. While it won’t provide as much protection as a larger, bulkier case, it does allow you to still show off the beautiful design of your phone, giving you the luxury of being able to put it on and forget about it.

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4. TopACE Slim Carbon Case - Price: $8

While we wait for some more big brands to release cases (like Spigen, Otterbox, and VRS Design) others are filling in the gaps. One of those companies is TopACE, who's Slim Carbon Case looks nearly identical to a popular Spigen case. The TopACE Slim Carbon has a soft flexible TPU design with beveled edges and carbon fiber accents at the top and the bottom. It looks like metal, but the entire case is a soft TPU material. Don't worry though, because TPU is durable and absorbs shock very well, better than most. Which is why almost every case on our list uses some form of TPU in the design. Each case has reinforced corners, and you'll love the faux brushed metal finish on the back. 

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5. SunRemex Luxury TPU Leather Grain Case - Price: $8

While you may love to show off the beauty of your OnePlus 5T, it is better to add a case to the device to prevent any accidental damage to the new 18:9 display. We’ve already added a handful of grippy case recommendations but let’s talk about the classy stuff. SunRemex has released a premium, scratch-resistant cover that includes Luxury TPU Leather grain to give it that sturdy look. The leather stitching not only adds to the complete appeal of the device but also gives you a better grip. It also includes cut-outs for every button and port.

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6. RIFFUE PC Slim Hard Case - Price: $8

A popular trend latest is cases that are extremely thin. Using plastic that's so thin it's almost like a piece of paper. If you hate using a case because it makes your phone thick and bulky, this is a good place to start. RIFFUE is using a durable ultra-thin polycarbonate hard shell precision cut to fit the OnePlus 5T. These cases come in four different colors and have a matte finish that's not too smooth, but not too textured. Giving you the perfect balance of comfort, protection, and texture so you won't drop the phone. Again, this isn't the best in terms of "protection" but it will keep the phone safe from daily bumps and scratches.

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KuGi SS - Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

Color(s): Black, Navy, Gray, Red

It looks good, and it’s inexpensive. Those two things about KuGi’s SS case for the OnePlus 5T have made it Amazon’s Choice. The case, which is built from a high quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), gives off a premium vibe while going easy on your bank account. On the back is a faux leather finish to provide texture, and around the sides are grips so that your phone never accidentally goes flying out of your hand. All of the cutouts, meanwhile, are shaped perfectly for the camera, fingerprint scanner, ports, and speaker. KuGi sells the case in four colors, too. So you can make it match with your clothes, backpack, wallet, purse, or any other accessory.

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BassTop Hybrid Clear - Price: $9

Color(s): Black

Cases are fantastic for protection, but sometimes you want to still show off your phone’s design. The OnePlus 5T is a beautiful phone comprised of aluminum. Would you really want to hide that? BassTop makes a case for the OnePlus 5T that, while shielding the entire phone, keeps the back visible. The Hybrid Clear case features polycarbonate for the bumper and TPU for the back. Together, those materials absorb shock from drops and resist scratches.

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AVIDET Hard Cover - Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

Color(s): White, Black, Gold, Red

Not everyone needs the most protection in the world, and for OnePlus 5T owners in that camp there’s AVIDET’s Hard Cover case. It’s an $8 case that’s very thin, resists scratches, and comes in four colors. Although it’s not going to handle the biggest drops, AVIDET did work in shock absorption. Your OnePlus 5T won’t turn into a dented, scratched up mess at the very least. And there is a textured patter on the back to give good grip. AVIDET does include a lifetime warranty in the event your case falls apart over time. Just get in touch with the brand’s customer support team, and they’ll send you over a replacement for free.

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Yiakeng Cover Shell - Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

Color(s): Green, Orange, Red, Black, Blue

Yiakeng created the Cover Shell for those who are clumsy, paranoid, or
straight-up overprotective. It’s a two-layer case that combines thick
polycarbonate and TPU for the sake of keeping your phone in pristine condition.
Chances are that, if you drop your OnePlus 5T while it’s in this case, you have
nothing to worry about. Also, there’s plenty of textured patterns everywhere
to ensure the phone stays put in your hands or on a surface. The entire back
of this case actually looks like a tire.

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