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Top 15 Best iPhone X Cases!

We knew the 10th anniversary edition of Apple’s influential iPhone was going to be something special. The iPhone X sports a big and beautiful, edge-to-edge, bezel-less screen, packs some serious power under the hood, and boasts a dual-lens camera. Our hands-on iPhone X review lauded the gorgeous design, but glass panels on the front and the back may indicate fragility; we suspect this phone can be damaged all too easily. Let’s check out some of the best iPhone X cases and covers to add some much-needed protection to your new Apple smartphone.

1. X-Doria Defense Shield Case - Price: $30

X-Doria Defense Shield offers combine hard polycarbonate, soft rubber and anodized aluminum to offer military-grade protection for your iPhone X. The Defense Shield case comes in a handful of different colors and will cost you $30. You can choose from iridescent, black, rose gold and red. If you want a completely clear Defense Shield case, those are only $25. This Case has two layers of shock-absorbing rubber and a raised front lip to keep your phone screen from touching any surface it's set upon.

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2. Spigen Hybrid Armor Tough Case - Price: $17

Spigen‘s newest addition to their line of classic cases, the Hybrid Armor is a double-whammy of protection. An inner layer of shock-absorbent TPU protects the phone from bumps and adds grip, while the outer layer of polycarbonate adds firm protection and doubles-down on defence. Spigen’s Air Cushion technology protects the vulnerable corners of the iPhone X, and raised edges along the outside of the screen and the camera cut-out elevate those areas from surfaces and keep them away from potential hazards. The look screams protection, and the case itself feels solid in your hand, while still not adding too much bulk to your sleek and svelte phone. Another potential hit for Spigen.

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3. ESR Crystal Transparent Case - Price: $12

ESR has bolstered the corners of this clear case by adding 50% thickness; this gives you full guarantee of protection from accidental drops, scratches and other damage. One of the glaring features of this transparent case is that it supports wireless charging; this means you don’t need to remove case when you place the phone on a wireless charging pad. For superior grip, ESR has sourced flexible and durable TPU materials. Lifted lips of the case protect touch screen and camera of your iPhone.

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4. Speck Presidio Grip Case - Price: $22

The Speck Presidio Grip Case consists of a polycarbonate exterior and a shock-absorbing interior layer for better drop protection. It’s thick enough that it should help your device survive minor drops and bumps, but not so thick that it’s a burden. I also like the extra grippy texture on the back, the slight lip over the display, and the subtle design. There are nine color combinations to choose from.

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5. Ringke 3D Contemporary Design Case - Price: $10

Ringke is a popular name in smartphone accessories. This time Ringke brings 3D contemporary design for your iPhone X. You can now add some glitter and glam to the iPhone X; however, its geometric pattern gives your iPhone superior strength and style. The Air Prism 3D pattern looks brilliant on your iPhone X and thus, you can impress all eyes at office or wherever you go. Translucent soft TPU layer ensures drop protection and provides shield against sudden drops, bumps and scratches.

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6. Tozo Hybrid Ultra Thin Case - Price: $9

Tozo offers hybrid technology TPU edge matte soft bumer to protect your iPhone X. With its clear PC back panel and matte finish, you will feel great grip while walking through crowded places. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, and in simplicity. Tozo manufactures this simple yet elegant case for consumers with discerning choice. Superior sophistication is the key here and you can see this quality in entire case, especially in its design. Its transparent back retains the real beauty of your iPhone X. Enjoy 360-degree protection as the case covers all four sides and corners to secure your iPhone X.

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7. VRS-Design Single Fit Case - Price: $20

VRSDESIGN is a leading brand of iPhone accessories, especially in the Best Cases for iPhone X. For iPhone X, VRSDESIGN has released its Single Fit series, which includes Best iPhone X Cases made of single layer of TPU. You can use these cases to provide your phone daily cushion against possible damage. The matte finish of this TPU creates an awesome impression of this case; moreover, matte finish ensures that your case remains unaffected by fingerprints. Check those button covers on this case. You should not be worried about dust and dirt on your phone as these button covers keep out dust and improve tactile feedback.

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8. Caseology Slim Transparent Case - Price: $13

The popular Skyfall series from Caseology includes the best clear cases for your iPhone X. This transparent case is drop-tested for 26 times from the height of 48 inches. This gives you peace of mind when you make up your mind to purchase the finest clear case in the category. Dual layer protection provides strong cover on the camera. Caseology has used acrylic hard cover and an impact resistant PC frame to reinforce protection at corners.

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9. UAG Monarch Rugged Armor Case - Price: $60

Monarch series of best iPhone X case is brought to you by UAG (Urban Armor Gear). Experience engineering excellence with Monarch cases for iPhone X. What is so special about these iPhone X cases? Well, you will realize it when you hold one in your hands. Before you buy, you can get some idea here. The case boasts premium design and precise crafting that give you powerful military standard for drop and shock protection. Even though UAG has added five layers of protection, the case is feather light. The brand gives you 10-year limited warranty on this case.

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10. SUPCASE Hybrid Protective Clear Case - Price: $15

Supcase presents a hybrid protective clear case for your iPhone X. The case flaunts minimalist profile, which makes it easy for you to put it in your pockets; you can take your phone out with the equal ease. You can quickly access all the buttons, ports, and controls on your iPhone X with perfect cut-outs on Supcase clear case. Elevated edges of this case prevent the touch screen from getting damaged when you put the phone facedown.

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11. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case - Price: $15

Spigen is undoubtedly a leader in iPhone accessories. And nine out of ten times, the brand quickly comes up with suitable cases. This case for iPhone X is your ideal choice to protect the newly designed iPhone. Spigen too brings a new design and changed its TPU pattern to add more grip without dust build-up. Check those metalized buttons that provide easy fluid press. Thanks to its shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate bumper, your iPhone X is protected from accidental bumps and drops. Spigen has reinforced the frame at cut-outs to craft a more durable case that fits without any effort.

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12. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S - Price: $14

Choose Ultra Hybrid S to give your smartphone an ultra-clear and highly functional suit! The integration of hard PC and extremely soft TPU has resulted in robust structure. What further reinforces the casing are the fortified corners. Thanks to the smooth edges, you have the better grip when holding the iPhone X in your palm. Touchscreen and dual camera have raised edge to resist scratch. The built-in kickstand is designed to transform your iPhone into a mini media center so that you can watch media at the better viewing angle. Past the features, you can pick this stylish clear case in two colors such as crystal clear and jet black.

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13. Spigen Rugged Armor Case - Price: $13

Rugged case is the first choice of careless users. Yeah, that’s true and that’s how I describe some users (no offence guys). A little more care can save your phone from any hazard. But brands like Spigen manufacture rugged cases for users, who are leading rough and tough lifestyle. They do all the hard work, and therefore, their iPhone X needs extra protection. The carbon fiber textures coupled with air cushion technology safeguard your phone from shock. Moreover, flexible TPU with interior spider web pattern protect the back of your iPhone X. Enjoy comfortable press with tactile buttons!

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14. Caseology Coastline Series Case - Price: $12

What puts this clear case from Caseology Coastline Series in its league is the ability to offer full-body protection to iPhone without any compromise with the style. With the triple layers of construction, it's fully equipped to withstand impact. The crystal clear back ensures your iPhone continues to win every eye. Color contrast border further augments its design. Touchscreen and camera have a trusted shield in the form of the raised lip. With the exact cutouts, you can comfortably access all the functions of your iPhone X.

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15. Caseology Slim Protective Case - Price: $14

For the last couple of months, Caseology has followed the strategy of Spigen, and began to launch cases and other essential iPhone accessories quickly after the announcement of Apple products. This dual layer textured case is slim and yet absorbs shocks effectively to keep your iPhone X highly protected from all sides. Its modern geometric design meets the traditional TPU and PC material to create a thin protective iPhone X case that provides twice the shock protection. Check those geometric shapes and bold look of the case, which is a perfect choice of top executives.

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