Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Top 10 iPhone X Screen Protectors (3D Curved Tempered Glass & Film)!

If you manage to damage the iPhone X display, Apple is going to charge $279 for repairs. That’s a huge amount of money. Therefore it’s a good idea to take some extreme measures in order to get through the honeymoon period with the iPhone X. We are obviously talking about slapping on a screen protector here. But not an ordinary screen protector – a glass one. So here are the best options available.

1. Spigen 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Price: $9

Spigen is one of the world leaders in screen protection of smart phones. For your iPhone, Spigen brings a tempered glass protector made of 9H screen hardness. This 9H standard not only protects your iPhone but also makes it case friendly. The cut-out will be compatible with all Spigen cases for iPhone. Moreover, to make the deal more attractive, Spigen offers risk-free lifetime warranty. To help you apply this screen protector effortlessly, Spigen provides installation wings. To make it compatible with other iPhone cases, Spigen has purposely manufactured these best iPhone X screen guards smaller than the actual size of touch screen.

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2. ZAGG InvisibleShiled Film Screen Protector - Price: $20

Military grade protection ensures peace of mind for any iPhone user. ZAGG has designed this dry screen protector with components used to protect military chopper blades. And therefore, you get full guarantee of protection of the touch screen. The tempered glass gives you 100% HD clarity allowing you to watch videos in full vibrant colours. The self healing feature goes beyond the skin and explores the realms of molecular technology. The Nano memory technology enables screen protector to heal from scratches and dings. The shatter-proof ZAGG InvisibleShiled keeps the touch screen three times safer than any unsafe screen.

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3. Skinomi TechSkin Full Screen Protector - Price: $13

Skinomi has crafted this full coverage screen protector by using laser cutting technology, and this makes all the difference. The iPhone screen protectors made by this technology offer maximum coverage, leaving no space on the screen exposed to damage. This flexible screen guard gives complete coverage on the curved devices. Skinomi uses robust, military-grade thermoplastic urethane that easily absorbs shocks or impact; at the same time, this material keeps your screen guard flexible and tough. The TechSkin is powerful enough to endure scratches, punctures, UV light and other damage.

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4. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Price: $8

amFilm’s top tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone X offer ultra clear HD with 99.9% transparency. This feature allows you maximum natural viewing experience. amFilm has crafted this thin film (0.3mm thickness) from resilient material and therefore, it delivers full compatibility with your iPhone’s touch screen sensitivity. With surface hardness of 9H, this glass screen protector is much durable and scratch resistant. On top of this, its oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints. Use amFilm’s installation tray for easy installation and keep the screen clean with wet wipes put inside the package.

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5. iCarez 3D Full Glass Screen Protector - Price: $10

iCarez brings 3D full coverage glass screen protectors that offer 9H hardness, which makes the product anti-scratch. Your iPhone’s touch screen is well secure behind the best iPhone X tempered glass screen protectors with 2.5D rounded edges. You can easily install this screen protector without leaving any bubbles or residue. Achieve maximum resolution for Retina display of your iPhone with HD transparency of this glass screen protector. The TrueTouch Sensitivity makes this glass protector invisible, and its antibacterial feature protects your phone’s touch screen with great precision. Enjoy better responsiveness with perfect cut-outs of iCarez glass screen protectors for iPhone.

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6. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector - Price: $5

Tech Armor brings ballistic glass screen protectors for iPhone. The products protect your iPhone touch screen from drops and scratches and offer you industry leading user experience. This screen guard will never interrupt your iPhone X sensors and gives you the best interaction with your phone. The HD ballistic glass is made of advanced technology by using Japanese Asahi glass; moreover, the screen protectors are polished and have rounded edges. You will experience 3D force touch accuracy on this 99.99% HD clarity glass protector. To minimize chipping, Tech Armor ballistic glass protectors boast polished 2.5D edge along with a rainbow-free adhesive.

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7. Caseology Tempered Glass Ultra Slim Screen Protector - Price: $8

Caseology presents an ultra slim tempered glass screen protector that offers 99.9% HD clarity. You would love to watch videos and movies on super retina display of your iPhone X. The 9H hardness of this glass screen protector delivers excellent touch screen accuracy and responsiveness. With 0.33mm thickness, Caseology has crafted an ultra thin screen protector that provides full touch screen sensitivity. Appreciate its oleophobic coating, which is waterproof and secures your iPhone’s screen from fingerprint smudges and oil. Enjoy bubble-free installation and edge-to-edge protection.

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8. OMOTON 3D Full Screen Protector - Price: $12

OMOTON’s soft frame glass is specially customized to provide full cover on the curved edges of your iPhone screen. This obviously protects your phone from dust and edge breaking. The scratch resistant 9H hardness secures your phone from unnecessary scratches and scrapes. For hassle-free installation, OMOTON provides an installation kit and a bubble-free adhesive along with the package. The HD Retina clarity gives you high definition clear viewing of media. Its hydrophobic oleophobic coating secures your phone screen against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.

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9. Anker KARAPAX Screen Protector - Price: $10

Anker’s glass guard keeps screen clarity and sensitivity and also supports 3D Touch feature. The crystal clear screen protector is made of DoubleDefence technology; Anker has reinforced this glass to increase its strength two times more than other screen protectors on the market. Anker has designed this glass smaller than the actual size of iPhone X screen; the guard only covers the flat screen of your phone and not the bezel or edges. For the safety of your phone’s screen, Anker uses shatter-proof membrane that ensures glass sticks together even if it is broken.

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10. MoKo Glass Screen Protector - Price: $8

This screen protector from MoKo is one of the best available in the market right now. Like the ESR’s offering above, this one also is a flat screen protector which doesn’t provide full coverage. Depending on your usage, this might be a good or a bad thing. However, what I like most of this product is that it boasts of more than 99.9% transparency. This along with its thin profile will ensure that you won’t even notice it on your screen. Like others, it also comes with an oleophobic coating meaning it will protect the screen from smudges, fingerprints, water, and oil marks. It is also good at resisting scratches and should provide ample protection against drops and bumps.

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