Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Top 10 HTC U11 Cases

You’ll be mesmerized when you lay eyes on the color-changing glass exterior of the HTC U11, but a big repair bill awaits anyone who drops it. The shiny surface looks great, and it’s tougher than your average glass, but scratches and cracks are still a concern. We’re pleased to find that you do get a solid, minimalist case in the box with the U11, which offers a little protection without masking the the phone’s design. If you want something a bit tougher or stylish, however, then check out the HTC U11 cases.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case - Price : $12

The Rugged Armor is one of my favorite cases from Spigen, and offers quite a lot of protection without adding significant bulk to the phone. It is a single piece TPU case that leverage air cushion technology to keep the device safe from bumps and drops, and a raised bezel up front keep the display safe. Carbon fiber elements add a touch of style, and while the buttons are covered, there are precise cutouts for the camera, USB-C port, and all four mics. The case is also compatible with Edge Sense. The Spigen Rugged Armor will be available from June 21, and is priced at $12.99.

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2. TopACE Slim Shell Case - Price : $8

If you're a minimalist that hates using thick bulky cases consider the TopACE Slim shell. It's more of a snap-on cover than a case but should offer just enough protection to keep your phone safe. This case is made with precision molded hard plastic, but it doesn't cover the top or the bottom completely. Allowing owners to quickly snap the phone in and get a little protection without making the phone thicker. It's also grippy so you won't drop the HTC U11 and shatter the large 5.5-inch Quad-HD display. Choose from four colors and enjoy this slim shell case.

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3. NageBee Armor Dual Layer Holster Case - Price : $9.5

Who says that holster cases are dead? NageBee has a great one available here for the HTC U11. This one is a more rugged case for the HTC U11, allowing you to keep it protected while it’s on your hip or in your hands. It does have a swivel holster, so that you can leave it in portrait or landscape orientation.

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4. Incipio DualPro Case - Price : $30

The DualPro case from Incipio is of the original dual-layer designs, and features a hard, polycarbonate shell with a soft-touch finish, which is wrapped around a flexible interior that will take the sting out of any impact. This is drop protection you can trust, because the case has been tested to withstand falls from up to 12 feet. HTC’s Edge Sense technology still works with the case on, too, so you can still squeeze your phone to launch the camera or other apps. Color offerings include black, gray, navy, and our favorite — merlot.

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5. Style4U Case with Ring Holder - Price : $10

The standout feature of this case is the ring holder, which you can slide a finger through to ensure you don’t drop your U11. You can also rotate it 360 degrees, use it as a kickstand, or attach it to the dashboard on your car. The case itself is made of a transparent polycarbonate panel and a malleable TPU bumper, which currently comes in black, clear, teal, and rose gold varieties. The case won’t provide rugged protection, but there is a lip around the screen and simple button covers to protect your investment.

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6. Official HTC U11 Leather Flip Case - Price : Approx. $40 

You can be certain that this leather flip case from HTC will fit your U11 like a glove. The soft, durable leather exterior is neatly stitched and comes in gray, white, or black, with a subtle HTC logo on the front. Inside, there’s a shell to hold your U11 in place, along with openings for your phone’s various features. This U11 case is slim and stylish, and provides good protection for your screen.

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7. Spigen Liquid Crystal Case - Price : $11

The HTC U11 is a gorgeous smartphone and if you want to show it off, while also protecting it, you should get the Spigen Liquid Crystal HTC U11 case. As the name suggests, the Spigen case is a clear TPU case that looks brilliant, thanks to its great clarity. It’s lightweight and flexible and also offers decent protection. Also, you must have seen various TPU cases making bubble smudges on the back. Well, the Spigen case features inner dot pattern to prevent these smudges on the U11. The case also features raised lip edges to protect the display and is compatible with Edge Sense.

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8. LK Defender Case - Price : $8

If you just want to make sure that nothing happens to your beloved HTC U11, then this is the case you should be investing in. The Armor Defender Protective Case for the U11 brings a beveled design and raised edges to bring great protection to both the front and back of the U11. It feature dual impact resistant layers, with soft inner silicone cover that makes it shock absorbent & scratch resistant, and a hard back PC bumper that protects the device from drops. The case is available in multiple colors, like Black, Blue, Teal, Mint, and Purple.

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9. Feitenn Flip Wallet Case - Price : $11

You have a phone. You have a wallet. Why not put the two together? While a number of companies are trying to take your wallet digital, the vast majority of people are still using physical cards and even cash to pay for things. If you’re someone who wants to minimize how much you carry around, get Feitenn’s Flip Wallet Case to put your phone and wallet together. Here you get a full cover over the display that uses a magnetic for staying closed, a slot for cards and cash, and an adjustable stand for media consumption. This case from Feitenn comes in black, teal, beige, grey, maroon, and white.

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10. DGtle Premium Slim Case - Price : $5

Made of light yet durable TPU material, DGtle Premium Slim Case is one of best HTC U11 cases which promised to provide full protection to your phone and at the same time doesn’t bulk the device up. All the ports of the phone are well accessible via the cut outs on the cases. Although the case is matte black in nature, the glossy accents of the cut outs enhances the look of DGtle Premium Slim Case

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