Thursday, May 4, 2017

9,000mAh Battery Case for LG V10!

ZeroLemon has been known for creating their pretty large extended batteries for a variety of smartphones. They also have created some pretty spectacular battery packs that charge from solar energy. Now, ZeroLemon is back with another extended battery, this time for the LG V10. For those out there with the LG V10 and think that the included 3,000mAh battery isn’t quite enough, well now you can triple that with this battery from ZeroLemon. ZeroLemon is selling it for $60, and it’s available right now.
Since this battery is so much larger than the regular sized battery, the LG V10 does get quite a bit larger. In fact, it’s more than twice as thick now. Additionally it will also make it a bit tough to use the back buttons on the back of the LG V10, although the case is tapered around those buttons to make it a bit easier. This is also a TPU case, and taking off the case will expose the battery. Meaning there will be nothing holding it inside, really. So you’ll definitely want to keep the TPU case on this bad boy. The LG V10 does have Quick Charge 2.0, however, it is going to be a much slower charge than the regular 3,000mAh battery. It should take roughly 3-times as long as normal. A bit unfortunate, but it’s the price to pay for having such a large extended battery.
While it is nice to have this large of a battery available on your smartphone. It’s likely not a battery you’ll want to carry with you every day, given the extra weight and bulk that it adds onto the LG V10. Luckily, the LG V10 does have a removable battery, so you can decide whether you want to stick with the regular 3,000mAh battery, or opt for the larger 9,000mAh battery that day. Making things much more convenient for everyone.
Amazon has the ZeroLemon LG V10 9000mAh extended battery available right now for just $59.99. The estimated delivery date is March 8-11th. And it does not include Amazon Prime shipping unfortunately, and that’s simply due to the way ZeroLemon sells their batteries on Amazon.

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