Saturday, April 29, 2017

Top 5 Best Thin Cases for LG G6!

So, yes, the LG G6 is probably going to be a bit more expensive than the average price of $650 that we're used to forking for when getting a new flagship. And, let's be honest, anyone who throws that kind of cash on a smartphone would like to keep it scratch- and crack-free for at least the honeymoon period. Slap a case on it? Sure, but one of the G6's main selling points is the fact that it has a large screen in a small body... so, what now!

Well, slap a slim case on it, of course! We did the search, we dug through the products that are out there right now – here are five of the slimmest and not-awful cases for the LG G6 available out there.

1. Spigen Thin Fit Case - Price : $11 on Amazon


Of course, rock star case maker Spigen also has a few models for the LG G6 ready. The Thin Fit line has been striking the balance between protection and minimal size for years now, and it does so again with the G6. The case has an opening for the volume buttons and supports magnetic QNMP (Spigen technology) mounts. Comes in black and white.

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2. Maxboost mSnap Case

Price : $8 on Amazon

This is a thin polycarbonate case, which wraps snugly around the G6. There's an opening around the volume buttons and the case comes in a matte, non-slippery finish. There are three colors to puick from – black, teal, and pink.

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3. Bear Motion Sand Case

Price : $8 on Amazon

Remember OnePlus' Sandstone finish? It's a very grainy, sandpaper-like texture, which is extremely grippy and doesn't allow the phone to slip from the hand. Well, this case has the same texture and you can apply it to the slippery glass back of the LG G6. How cool is that? The case is slim and leaves the volume buttons accessible, which is cool.

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4. Goospery Jelly Case

Price : $9 on Amazon

We liked Goospery because it offers a rich selection of vibrant colors — in case you want your phone to be dressed in candy pink or screeching red — and the cases have a cutout that gives access to the phone's own volume buttons, so you can get that metal touch and reassuring click at all times.

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5. TurtleArmor Flexible Armor Case

Price : $8 on Amazon

Users have a love-hate relationship with TPU cases. On one hand, they are super grippy, very easy to slap on and take off, and thin as they wrap around the phone snug. On the other, it's a rubber case that you put on top of your premium, metal-and-glass phone. But it never hurts to keep one around, especially considering they are quite affordable.
TurtleArmor's cases try to break the mold a bit (no, not literally) by coming with various pictures printed on their backs. You can have the Dark Knight logo, a beautiful nebula, a dragon, and some other pictures adorn your TPU protector, which is a nice improvement over the regular "transparent plastic" look.

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